In 2021, the yield growth of the main crops increased
For the three main crops, which are cultivated on the Group of Company's lands, the crop yield rate is 8%.
Sugar beet yield is at last year's level
Panda has started collecting sugar beets.
Selishchansky Sugar Plant was the first in Ukraine to start the sugar-making season
On August 21, the Selishchansky Sugar Plant launched a new season of sugar production.
The sugar industry needs to be helped, not finished off during the crisis - Gennadii Bobov
Comment of the founder and owner of the Panda Group of Companies Gennadii Bobov to the Ukrainian News Agency.
The Selishchansky Sugar Plant is working to prepare for the new sugar season.
In 2021, the area of sugar beets sown on the lands cultivated by the Panda Group companies is 7,800 hectares.
The spring sowing was successful
On May 15, 2020, the entities of the Panda Group successfully completed the spring sowing campaign.