Business ethics, compliance

Fair competition, ethical business conduct and work exclusively within the law are the basis of the Panda Group's activities.

The Panda Group of Companies always fulfills its obligations and strives for long-term cooperation that benefits both the Group of Companies and its partners. We consider partnerships not only as a means to achieve our goals, but also as an opportunity to form a modern business culture in Ukraine.

Panda Group of Companies has an impeccable credit history with the JSC "Oschadbank" of Ukraine since 2004.

The Panda group of companies has zero tolerance for fraud and corruption in all its manifestations.

Basic rules of business ethics:

  • Transparency, honest business conduct and responsibility for commitments to partners, the state and society.

We are open in cooperation with partners, investors and government officials; we inform about all changes and plans of the company in due time, most of all appreciating that we are trusted.

  • Corporate social responsibility to employees and local communities.

We take care of the land we cultivate and the people who live and work on it. The company's activities help to improve the social situation in the regions of presence, primarily by creating jobs with a decent level of wages.

  • Respect for the law, compliance with all norms and rules, as well as zero tolerance for corruption.

We strictly adhere to the requirements of the law in our activities, and require this from our employees, partners and contractors.

  • Professionalism and efficiency.

We take responsibility for everything we do, strive for sustainable improvement of results and reduction of costs, achieving maximum efficiency.

Strategic plans of Panda Group of Companies

  • Increase of the land bank of the Group of Companies after the launch of the land market in Ukraine;
  • Deep processing of grain and oilseeds grown by the Group's companies to create products with significant added value;
  • Creation and integration of opportunities for export of the Group's products to the world market through its own port facilities.