The Panda Group of Companies was founded in 2000 and now has 20 years of successful business experience.

The founder and beneficiary of the Panda Group of Companies is Bobov Gennadii Borysovych.

Panda Group of Companies is a family business with great commitment of each member of the team and care of the company for each employee. Total staffing – 1500 employees.

The main value of the Group of Companies is a team of professionals, each of whom contributes to the development and growth of the Group's companies.

Panda Group of Companies has a vertically integrated structure and operates in Cherkasy and Kyiv regions.

Panda Group of Companies corporate values:

  • Impeccable business reputation;
  • Professionalism of each employee;
  • Financial stability;
  • Social responsibility;
  • Innovation and constant development.

Key facts and dates:

  • 2000

Panda LLC was founded, which supplied fuel, lubricants and mineral fertilizers to agricultural enterprises.

  • 2001-2002

The Selischanskyi sugar factory was purchased and the first 2,000 hectares of land were leased, on which sugar beets were grown.

  • 2006

Panda Group of Companies started the reconstruction of the Selischanskyi sugar factory. Increase of the land bank to 30 thousand hectares.

  • 2007-2008

Acquisition of Korsun-Shevchenkivske grain-receiving enterprise and the first stage of its reconstruction.

  • 2010

The end of reconstruction of Selischanskyi sugar factory, sugar plant purchase in Talne town, Cherkasy region.
The land bank of the Group of Companies exceeded 50 thousand hectares.

  • 2012-2014

Completion of the second stage of reconstruction of Korsun-Shevchenkivsky GRE, technical possibility of simultaneous storage of grain has increased to 130,000 tons.

  • 2015-2019

Simultaneous storage capacities of the grain storage in Korsun-Shevchenkivsky town were increased to 232,000 tons.

  • 2018

The construction of the seed plant of the Panda Group of Companies has been completed.

  • 2019

Construction and launch of the biogas unit "Korsun Eco Energo" with a total capacity of 7.5 MW/h, which operates on raw materials (pulp, molasses and corn silage) from its own sugar factories and lands.

Companies of the Group obtained ISCC compliance certificates.